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Kohler Oil Filter
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PartSelect Number PS9965179
Manufacturer Part Number 5205002-S
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Kohler Kit, Fuel Pump
PartSelect Number PS9928251
Manufacturer Part Number 2455911-S
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Kohler Kit, Cylinder Head Gasket
PartSelect Number PS9928679
Manufacturer Part Number 2484104-S
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Kohler Seal, Oil
PartSelect Number PS9929160
Manufacturer Part Number 2503206-S
This oil seal is a genuine OEM replacement part designed for lawn and garden equipment. It is a small, circular rubber seal with a diameter of 2 3/8 inches, used to prevent oil leakage between the gear cover and gear shaft, and prevent the entry of contaminants. You will need to replace this oil seal if it is brittle, cracked, or has lost elasticity. A faulty seal will cause the gears to lose lubrication, increase friction damage, and prematurely wear down the parts. Remember to drain the oil from your equipment before beginning any repairs. Carefully pry the old seal from its mounting position and clear off any debris and residue on the area. Place the new seal in position and ensure it is securely fitted.
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Kohler Stud
PartSelect Number PS9891408
Manufacturer Part Number 1407226-S
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Kohler Spring, Valve
PartSelect Number PS9926627
Manufacturer Part Number 2408902-S
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Kohler O-Ring, Slow Jet
PartSelect Number PS9927107
Manufacturer Part Number 2415302-S
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Kohler Kit, Knob W/Seal
PartSelect Number PS9977519
Manufacturer Part Number 5475501-S
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Kohler Gasket, Valve Cover
PartSelect Number PS9917849
Manufacturer Part Number 2004113-S
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Kohler Stud, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, 105 mm
PartSelect Number PS9926541
Manufacturer Part Number 2407209-S

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