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Kawasaki Oil Filter
PartSelect Number PS17016818
Manufacturer Part Number 49065-0724BK
Oil Filter
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Kawasaki Gasket-Rocker Case
PartSelect Number PS8843310
Manufacturer Part Number 11060-7001
This Gasket-Rocker Case is a grey, individually sold part, direct from the original equipment manufacturer. It requires only a socket to install and is rated as Easy to install by customers. This part is installed between the valve cover and cylinder head, by torquing in an alternating pattern to the manufacturer specifications for a proper seal. It provides a tight seal between the cylinder head and valve cover, and if broken due to general wear, you will see oil leaking around it. This part should be replaced if broken, or if removing the valve cover for other repairs as the gasket can only be used once. Only a visual inspection is needed to check for leaks. Refer to your owners manual or model number to ensure you are selecting the right part.
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Kawasaki Plug-Spark,Bpr4Es(Ngk),Solid
PartSelect Number PS9314547
Manufacturer Part Number BPR4ES
This NGK BPR4ES spark plug is sourced from the original manufacturer for use in a variety of small engines. It is responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinder, needed for the engine to operate. The spark plug is a small, cylindrical part consisting of a metal body, a ceramic/porcelain insulator, one center electrode, and one ground electrode. The spark plug can fail if the insulator breaks, the electrodes wear down, or if it becomes fouled. If the spark plug has failed, you will experience difficulties starting your equipment, decreased power output, and engine misfiring. To check if the spark plug is faulty, you can use a spark tester or a multimeter set to continuity. To replace the spark plug, first disconnect the spark plug wire, and then use a spark plug socket wrench to loosen and remove the old spark plug. Take the new spark plug and set the gap to the correct size. Thread it into the cylinder head using your hands to avoid cross-threading. Once it is in place you can finish tightening it with the spark plug socket wrench. Reconnect the wire, and the equipment should be ready to run smoothly again.
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Kawasaki Cap-Assembly-Tank
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PartSelect Number PS8998548
Manufacturer Part Number 51048-2078
The Fuel Cap Assembly, is a black, plastic cap that keeps fuel inside the tank, and debris out. If broken, fuel will begin leaking out and it must be replaced. Installation is rated as "Easy", the part simply attaches on top of the fuel tank. Refer to your make, model, and diagram to ensure this is the correct part.
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Kawasaki Element-Air Filter
PartSelect Number PS11835481
Manufacturer Part Number 11013-0752
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Kawasaki Reel,Cutter
PartSelect Number PS9035725
Manufacturer Part Number 59101-2108
A cutter reel, also known as a line or trimmer head, is a component that is necessary within the cutting head of a trimmer, since it supplies the trimmer with line/spool. This part is made of plastic and is an OEM part that measures approximately 4.2-inches in diameter and has 2 lanes for spool storage. Since this part is made of plastic, it can break or crack from a drop impact, or simply over time and exposure to gasoline, oil and heat. If you find that the spool is not coming out properly, or too much spool is being used at once, this part may need replacing. Replacing this part is as simple as opening the trimmer head and accessing where the spool is housed, removing the previous reel, and replacing it with the new one. This part is sold as an individual part without any securing hardware and is compatible with various makes and models of trimmer.
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Kawasaki Fuel Pump
PartSelect Number PS17016280
Manufacturer Part Number 49040-0801
Fuel Pump
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Kawasaki Filter-Fuel
PartSelect Number PS11835770
Manufacturer Part Number 49019-0027
This OEM Fuel Filter is a white, individually sold, plastic part, which measures 3 x 1.25 inches. It can be installed using pliers and is rated as Easy to install by customers (Tip: Make sure the fuel clip is secure when installing). This part is attached along the fuel line, between the fuel tank and carburator, and is used to filter contaminents out of the fuel. If broken fuel will leak, and it will smell. If clogged, there will be no fuel flowing out of it. If broken or clogged, it should be replaced. It should also be replaced during regular maintenance. Check your owners manual or model number to ensure you are selecting the right part.
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Kawasaki Rod-Push
PartSelect Number PS8860046
Manufacturer Part Number 13116-2057
This OEM Push Rod is a silver, metal part, approximately 5.5 inches long. It can be installed using a wrench or sockets. A Spark Plug Gap Tool may also be needed for maintenance. The installation of this partis rated as Medium difficulty by customers. It attaches inside the cylinder head, and is installed by tightening the rocker nut on top to manufacturer specs. This part opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves, and if broken there will be poor engine performance as well as an internal knocking or tapping sound from the engine. If damaged, likely due to fatigue or stress, it must be replaced. Refer to your owners manual or model number to ensure you are slecting the correct part.
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Kawasaki Gasket-Muffler
PartSelect Number PS8843313
Manufacturer Part Number 11060-7021

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