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Sod Cutter Wheel, 10" With Hardware
PartSelect Number PS12094038
Manufacturer Part Number 540030426
This wheel is a genuine OEM replacement part designed for sod cutters. It is approximately 10 inches in diameter. Each order includes the rubber tire and metal rim, as well as the bolt and washer used to secure it. The wheel provides stability and support during operation and allows you to easily maneuver the sod cutter. The wheel will need to be replaced if it is worn down, punctured, or the rim is damaged. A faulty wheel will result in unstable movement, poor cutting performance, uneven cutting depth. To remove and replace the wheel, first, ensure the sod cutter is turned off and the engine is cooled. Remove the fasteners holding the wheel and carefully slide the old wheel off the axle. Place the new wheel on the sod cutter axle and install the new bolt. Ensure the wheel is stable before operating the sod cutter. Each wheel is sold individually.
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Sod Cutter 3/4" Flange
PartSelect Number PS9975235
Manufacturer Part Number 539000316
This genuine OEM bearing flange is 4 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The flange is used to secure bearings (sold separately) to provide support moving parts in aerators, such as the rotating shafts/axles. Each bearing in your aerator requires two flanges each. This protects the parts from friction damage and allows them to spin smoothly. The flange also helps to secure the bearing in place and prevent it from coming loose or falling inside the equipment. You will need to replace your flange bearing if your equipment is making grinding noises during use or if the flange is corroded, or chipped. Each flange is sold individually.
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Sod Cutter Knob Assembly
PartSelect Number PS16668482
Manufacturer Part Number 302311001
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Sod Cutter Grip, Handle
PartSelect Number PS9022303
Manufacturer Part Number 539000090
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Sod Cutter Cable - Pull
PartSelect Number PS9032828
Manufacturer Part Number 539130625
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Sod Cutter Bearing, 3/4" W/Locking Collar
PartSelect Number PS9975234
Manufacturer Part Number 539000315
This steel bearing is an OEM replacement for aerators and has a .75-inch inner-diameter. Bearings have tiny balls within them which are used to distribute weight evenly and minimize friction between two moving parts. It is sold individually but comes with a .75-inch inner-diameter locking collar as well, although a stamping kit is sold separately. The locking collar is used to tighten the bearing on the shaft, to reduce the effects of vibrations during operation, like slipping. It is made of high-quality metal but is considered a high-wear part meaning it will likely need to be replaced often.
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Sod Cutter Rim Sprocket
PartSelect Number PS9975232
Manufacturer Part Number 539000303
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Sod Cutter Bearing
PartSelect Number PS9975236
Manufacturer Part Number 539000317
This is a genuine OEM bearing which is designed for use with lawn and garden equipment and is sold individually. Made of high-quality metal and measuring at a 1-inch inner-diameter, this bearing will likely need to be replaced often because it is a high-wear part. This bearing is used to distribute weight evenly using small inner balls within the bearing itself, and the locking collar fastens the bearing onto the shaft to reduce movement from motor vibrations. If you are unsure of how many bearings your equipment will need, make sure to check any available diagrams.
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Sod Cutter Flange, Bearing
PartSelect Number PS9975237
Manufacturer Part Number 539000318
This flange bearing is a genuine part from the original equipment manufacturer for use with aerators to secure the bearing within the rotor mechanism. This part comes with two flange bearings and the necessary hardware to secure it within your equipment. For exact positioning with your equipment model, refer to any diagrams or user manuals.
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Sod Cutter Chain, Trans 26-5/8
PartSelect Number PS12003577
Manufacturer Part Number 539030443
This 26-5/8 transmission chain is designed for and compatible with various models of aerator and sod cutters, where it powers the equipment through the engine and drive sprockets. This is the main engine chain that connects to the engine sprocket, which is what rotates this chain and should also be inspected if you suspect this chain needs replacing. If you hear excessive noise, chain slipping, or have difficulty when shifting gears, it is recommended that you inspect the chain for wear and damage. Although this chain is made of high-quality metal, it can wear down over time and will need to be replaced. However, regular maintenance, lubrication, and upkeep will prevent you from having to replace it as frequently. This chain is an OEM part and is sold as an individual part and includes the clip-style master link. To replace this chain, you will need a chain breaker, wrench, and screwdriver. Turn off your machine and allow it to cool, and then gain access to the main transmission using your screwdriver/wrench. Use the chain breaker tool to disconnect and remove the old chain from the engine sprocket and install the new one.

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